General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018

Wanting to make contact? Please read below so you are in the know of what happens to your information and what rights you have. 


1)  Making contact via the contact form on this website? Your message and any subsequent messages will remain active until conversations have ceased upon which they shall be deleted. You can request for them to be deleted at any point by making further contact. 

2) Subscribing to the newsletter? Your email address and name would be held within contacts on my Wix account. Under no accounts to the knowledge of Hypnotherapy with Amy Devine - Devereux would this information be used for any other purpose other than solely sending you the newsletters. If you wished to have further confirmation of this I can make contact with Wix personally. You can unsubscribe at any time from the newsletters, however I hope you will stay on to enjoy each one!


3) Booked your appointment and attending for hypnotherapy? I have a brief privacy policy I give to all new clients attending for them to read and sign, outlining where their notes are securely kept and for how long.


4) Confidentiality is maintained in all instances, unless there is risk to one's well - being (stated within the declaration below)


By reading the above you are consenting to how your information would be stored for the duration of your inquiry being answered and any potential sessions being booked. You understand you can request to make changes to how your information (i.e. name, email address and any emails) are stored by contacting myself on Thank you.

Declaration: Please note in the event of there being a genuine concern of potential harm being caused to yourself, a child or another being/s, confidentiality may have to breached with the relevant information being shared with certain agencies or authorities. Should this ever occur you would be made aware of this prior to that information being shared.

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